Making money is every bodies dream. Everyone dreams of dropping the day job and working from home in their pyjamas. Well the truth is that this dream is well within reach of anybody who owns a computer and has an internet connection.

Below we have listed the 7 best ways to earn money using your computer.

1.Play the markets. The quickest way to earn lots of money is trading stocks and shares. Millions of dollars can be made in hours. Please be aware that money can be lost just as quickly but this is the most popular way to make a lot of money.

2.Affiliate marketing. With the internet came affiliate schemes. You are basically passing somebody a lead and then you get a percentage of the sale. Big money can be made from affiliate marketing but it has to be treated like a real business.

3.AdSense. Google’s AdSense program is a very popular way people are using to make money from home. Google adverts can be placed on your website and you get paid every time someone clicks on one of the ads. The obvious disadvantage is that you need a website.

4.eBay. Millions of dollars are spent every day on the world famous auction site so why not scoop a little of the profits yourself. Buy low and sell on for a profit.

5.Drop shipping. Drop shipping is becoming less popular as people realise they can make just as much money doing affiliate marketing. You sell the leads and the products are shipped out on your behalf with your logo and packaging. You never actually have to see the product you just take a percentage.

6.Set up an online store. You can sell services and goods on the internet and make a good profit. You could freelance your services out. If you can do something extraordinary then there will be someone out there willing to pay for your service.

7.Currency trading. Trading currency on the open markets is very profitable. People are making millions of dollars every day buying and selling currency on the forex markets.

Making money with a computer is well within the reach of everybody, you just need to look beyond the ordinary.