When most people think of starting a business they usually aren’t thinking about how to help other people make money. Their time is spent planning on how they themselves are going to make a go of things. After all, when opening almost any kind of business, this is the way things work. Some businesses, however, operate on a different model. Many people are familiar with what is often referred to as network marketing, but quite a few still have certain misconceptions that prevent them from taking a serious look at these kinds of business opportunities.

Network marketing has a structure much like franchising, except that instead of opening outlets, i.e. restaurants, pizza shops, etc., a network marketing business opens its “outlets” through people and their spheres of influence. By marketing a product through a network of people revenues are created. Each individual business owner creates his or her own organization of customers and like-minded entrepreneurs, who in turn, duplicate the same process. In order to make a lot of money a network marketer has to help the people in his or her group become profitable. When this happens all benefit.

For those of you who are interested in a start-up, home based small business but don’t want to invest much money, network marketing may be right up your alley. These companies offer free training and support, a free website, in demand product lines, access to distribution centers worldwide, and lucrative compensation plans that even a Wall Street Executive would admire. Research these companies online and keep an open mind. Network marketing is an opportunity to enter into a cooperative venture with other people rather than a competitive one.