Today I would like to talk to you about boosting your customer conversion because it does not make a difference if you place emphasis on sales or marketing. It also does not matter what strategy you are leveraging at the moment to get more customers.

What actually does matter is that there is an investment of resources to convert the prospects you have obtained. And one of the key focuses you can have is acquiring new ways to increase the ROI of your customer conversion right now.

If you currently have a customer conversion process that is not providing you with the return you want…although it does let you generate qualified leads, then we should talk. Converting your prospects into customers can become easier and easier once we understand a few ideas and build a few key skills.

1. We want to make sure that we are building desire in our prospects through the marketing we are using to convert them into new customers. The feeling of desire that we are creating in our prospects is always to move towards what they want, or to move away from what they do not want. Being great at this process can be an amazing gift we give our potential customers if our products or services have got value. Because those are the driving emotions that get people to take action and buy something.

2. Then, you need to develop their trust that your product or service is their very best choice. And, if it’s not the very best choice, simply develop it to be the best alternative choice so that you can be real with your marketing or sales process.

3. Then we want to use each step in the process to just focus on selling the next step in the process.

So if your conversions are not as high as you want them, you can either increase the level of influence each step has in the first two areas we talked about, or you can increase the number of steps or touches your communications have.

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Nathaneal Mohr

Customer Conversion - Increasing Sales One Step at a Time