WII is not suitable for single-player ,it is lose its meaning of wii if you just ues a set of Wii Remote Controller which comes with local play .So double set of the handle is a must if you want to share fun with others.Plus is necessary, it can enhance the handle sensor.As for the other,it’s up to your own interesting.If you like to play these games,you can buy the accessories.Such as FIT, especially if you like sports, yoga and it’s worth to buy, and that is certainly quite avalue.and most of the steering wheel is mould,in fact ,there’s no big difference between the imitation and the original.You can get these online,because the cheap wii accessories is widespread online.

The Wii console is an exciting new development in the world of game consoles. What puts these consoles ahead of others is that players are able to interact in a more innovative way. Each player has two controllers. The Wii Remote Controller, which is the primary controller, is really versatile and can be used to represent equipment like a golf club or a tennis racket. It also has a built in mini speaker and a motion sensor. The secondary controller is connected to the primary one and consists of two shoulder buttons and a 360 degree knob.

However,the investment of many WII accessories is more than xbox 360 .Following are personal recommend accessories :

1 .Nunchack (Korean version is OK. Another a double set should be bought)

2 .NGC handle + memory card (it is a necessity to play the traditional game and NGC )

3 .WII Classic Controller (just buy one, the same role to2.the reasonable price of present in the Korean version is about 120), in fact, the handle of NGC is better, the classic controller does not shake, but tjis kind of handles is nice, and it is more suitable for the WII, the key is that NGC original new handle is small and the price is not cheap. So classic controller is better.

4. Light gun:to buy a classic light gun of Resident Evil is OK. The reasonable price is 25-30 .

5 .steering wheel is essential to play Mario Kart and other . If you do not like to play this could save.The ordinary is 10-20 per .the black horn with bracket is about60 yuan.

6 .Tennis club set includes campaign racket and fishing rods, etc., it also can be replaced with a nunchaku. Only increase investment does. Recommended Noire buy luxury sets. 100 yuan, which with the steering wheel and light guns. Most things do not have to buy.

7 .Nintendo Wii Fit ,it is up to you,if your family like ,you can buy one . Women are very interested in this stuff. Oh. The price is not cheap, probably in the original Korean version is 520-600.

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Some Information about Nintendo Wii and Wii Accessories