The rising and setting sun can point you in the direction of business success!

Have you ever watched the sun rising in the morning or seen it setting in the evening?

What I find to be so amazing about these two events is the difference in the way light appears and how it disappears. Light seems to creep up on you slowly in the morning.

If you have ever driven at dawn, you will have noticed that the darkness on either side of the road gradually changes. At first you can see nothing of the countryside passing by. It’s total darkness. Then slowly, the shapes of trees, hedges, etc. begin to emerge out of the gloom. They are black and various shades of grey. Then, colour edges into your consciousness and slowly the different greens come into view. At last you can see everything in full colour.

I don’t suppose it takes very long in reality, but it seems to take ages.

Contrast this with the way light disappears at sunset. One minute you can see clearly without your car’s headlights on, the next you can’t see a thing. It’s probably to do with the mind’s perception of things, or something.

Never the less, it’s a strange phenomenon.

Before I answer your question, ‘How’s this going to help me to be successful?’ let me ask you a question!

How many times have you watched a football match and wondered what it would be like to have the money and lifestyle of the players?

Just imagine being able to buy that Ferrari or Rolls Royce whenever you wanted to.

Or maybe it’s the ‘beautiful houses’ that they own that excites you?

It could be the simple things that make you a little envious, like being able to go to the shop and just buy something that takes your fancy. Or being able to buy your girlfriend/wife that beautiful dress or whatever it is that she’s been asking for.

What a lovely lifestyle, simply for kicking a football around for about 90 minutes now and again! It’s not really work, is it? For they like to play football anyway and most people play for nothing.

Mind you a footballer’s life also has its downside! You sometimes have to run around in the mud and pouring rain or when it is so hot that you lose about a stone in weight through water loss. Then there’s the training. Running up and down and pumping those weights. You see, it’s not all easy.

But what if you could have the lifestyle without the pain of training, etc.?

Well, this is where nature in the form of the sunset and sunrise can help you!

The slowly emerging morning sun is just like the slow emergence of debt. One moment you’re in control of your finances. Money you spend is less than the money you have coming in. It may be by only a few pounds or even a few pence, but it is less. Then you start spending more than you earn. Not by much, just 50p one week, maybe £1 the next and so on. Slowly, your debt increases. It’s so gradual, that neither you nor anyone else really notices.

Then an unexpected bill comes in. Maybe the car breaks down or something like that. You must get it repaired, but you don’t have the money. What can you do? Borrow! This gets you further into debt.

Now a strange thing occurs. It’s as though you’ve gone through the day and are now at sunset. Because from now on your debt increases quite rapidly, just like the light disappears rapidly at sunset.

To be successful in business, you must neither be at sunrise nor sunset. You must stay around noon. Don’t let bad ways creep up on you and you won’t experience the rapid decline in your fortunes that this eventually brings about.

How can you manage this? Well you have to research your intended business niche thoroughly, so that you are aware of some, at least, of the pitfalls you might encounter. Study all the information available on the internet and then look out for more. The better prepared you are, the more likely you are to succeed.

Never, ever jump into a project without having seriously probed every nook and cranny that you can find. You might, just might be lucky if you go ahead without any preparation. But more than likely, you’ll end up as one of the 98% who never make any money on line.

How can you avoid both the sunrise and the sunset of your business, for like night follows day, one leads to the other?

Choose your program wisely. Be sure that it gives you all the help you need. Are there advertising aids? Does it help you with keywords? Are there people you can contact with your questions? Does the website look as though it will convert your prospects into customers? Is there a good follow up in place? And if all else fails, can you get your money back?

Don’t forget. Stay in the noonday sun!