Can any ordinary Mom become a successful entrepreneur? What does it take to become successful? My goal was to find a Mom and discover the secret to her success.

I decided to make a Google search on home business opportunities with specific recommendations and Claudette Mitchell’s name popped up. Her name pretty much covered the whole page and some. She had Something on Squido, LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace, Betternetworker, StartUpSpace, Twitter and the list goes on.

I set out to find more about her. I learned that she is married, has two adult children, is a grandmother and has been involved with church Ministry with her husband for many years.

She recently moved from Florida and now resides in Bancroft, Ontario.

I spoke with her recently. I thought, “what better way to know someone then by speaking with them directly”. I found her number and called her. She was very polite and nice about answering my questions.

I discovered that Claudette had failed at several home business opportunities in the past but she didn’t dwell on her failures. She put it to me like this, ” these failures were simply stepping stones to get me where I am today”. WOW!

She attributes her success to her determination, commitment and perseverance. Her biggest concern for those starting a home business is that they come in with unrealistic expectations. They come in thinking that they will make thousands their first week, which some do and when that doesn’t happen, they become discouraged and quit.

One important key point she did emphasize to me was the importance of having a good support and training team. Claudette told me that, had it not been for the great support and training she received with her current business she may have been another statistic, but that’s not what happen for Claudette is experiencing great success today.

Today Claudette is a successful entrepreneur who helps other people build a successful home business for themselves. She likes to refer to her business a “business in a box” since she can pick up and go wherever and whenever she wants!

To learn more about Claudette’s business visit her website at .