Are you worried about losing your job? What if you got made redundant, how would you look after your family? Are you worried about the holiday season coming and money being short? Obviously, it is hard enough to cover the bills, let alone buy presents! But you can make money typing at home to bring in extra cash…


Firstly let me say, make money typing at home can be a lucrative business. But there are some scams out there to watch out for. Many organizations want an upfront fee – to cover admin costs they say. But when you look into it, they just send out a list of companies who may or may not need a typist to work at home. It might as well be some Yellow Pages!

Normally you would look round for another job. Jobs are pretty scarce these days, and even the ones that are out there are not secure anymore. If you have one main employer in your town you might even consider moving, but moving is an expensive business in itself – and do you want to uproot the children?

There is an answer though. You can make money typing at home and there is no ceiling on what you can earn, it is down to you how much you make. You can work at home and do this as a full time job; many people earn an excellent living out of it.

It is called article marketing and is very simple. You write articles that promote other peoples products. This means you have none of the hassle of deliveries, nor do you carry any stock. You are simply giving people what they want.

Possibly you have tried making money online before. There are many internet marketing courses that you can look at, but have you ever noticed they always seem to have the key to it all missing?

It would be great to have someone to teach to step by step!

Could you imagine waking up, and see its daybreak, but you do not have to get out of bed to get ready for work. Instead you wander to breakfast in your pyjamas, bright and breezy, and get ready to start the day working at your computer. You help get the children off to school, then start work, watching the mailman deliver your two-weekly check as you begin to type your next project.

Imagine the surprise as your wife opens your check and sees the number! Excitedly she phones her mother and begins to brag about how well you are doing, while you envisage getting a new car, the one you have always wanted…

What you need is someone to show you exactly what to do, what to say, and how to do it. So you can focus and really learn all you need to know to make great money online. What would you do with an extra $100 a day?